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Baseball and Softball

Students of any skill level will enjoy this class, which will not only safely teach the fundamentals of the sport, but also the mental aspects. Working on coordination, motor control, speed, agility, and self-confidence students will learn the basic set up of the game of tennis. Hitting, fielding, and throwing mechanics, outfield, and base running will be incorporated into individual, partner, and small group experience to enhance skills and have FUN. 


Children will learn and develop the fundamental skills needed to play basketball. Skills will develop through specific and proven developmental drills. We will focus on having fun while learning defensive techniques, spacing on the floor, and game situations. 

Cheer and Dance

This program teaches kids how to learn routines to music as well as working together to create a performance. Learning cheers and dances, this program teaches basic skills such as proper footing, arms, and floor placement. This is a fun and positive learning environment for kids can express themselves.


Athletes will develop technical skills through drills such as throwing, catching, kicking, and running. Learning the field, zone coverage, and teamwork, children will learn how to play the game of football. 


Could your student be the next Tiger Woods? Students will learn the proper techniques on how to hold and swing the clubs. We will also dive into the art of putting. Could your student be the next Tiger Woods? Clubs and golf balls will be provided.

Speed and Agility

Athletes will develop the skills needed to play any sports or to become fit. Our trainers will help your child become the amazing athlete they have the potential to become. Basic techniques to increase speed, quickness, strength, flexibility, mental toughness, conditioning, and stamina will be taught. 


Children will learn the fundamental drills and skills that will take your child's soccer experience to the next level. Working in small groups and individually, students will learn essential drills including passing and receiving the ball, using speed and space effectively and scoring! 


Students of any skill level will enjoy this class, which will not only safely teach the fundamentals of the sport but also the mental aspects. Daily activities will enhance coordination, motor control, physical endurance and self-confidence. Frustrations will be avoided so that each player will ENJOY the games and practices as he/she masters the basic skills needed to play tennis, grip, foot placement, swing and service.


Children will cover drills, skills, and proper footwork to help young athletes balance and move efficiently on the volleyball quart. Athletes will learn to serve, set, spike, and hit while practicing proper rotations and transitions through games.    

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